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I am using BPC NW 10.1. After successfully installed BPC, I cannot manage to login the web interface as expected.
The SMICM monitor showing 0 as port


SICF – Maintain service’s showing that the service has been activated.


Testing for the service


I am not a Basis guy so I missed st out. After some searches, I found that profile is not loaded, as ICM parameter need to be set in profile.



Insert new parameter


After that I need to to restart server and check the service BPCWEBCLIENT again:


At least something work, I have some progress.

Of course, I try to activate indicated ICF nodes.

Try again and I got this


Another error!

Okay, let try again, this time, I can see login screen pop out. And I could successfully logged in.

But wait, another error 😦


It turned out that I didn’t use the correct URL. The correct one is http://<<server>>:<<port>>/sap/epm/bpc/web/index.html

And now, here it is:



Not yet finished. Another errror:

Logon Error Message

Service cannot be reached



Found this note as a fix:

2296583 – BPC 10.0 Issue: Unable to Access BPC web after installing new SP error 403


Note that Following Services and THEIR SUB-COMPONENTS.



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