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Working with MT940, SAP (FF_5) support 3 option when uploading file.

  • G – MT940 automatic recognized
  • S – MT940 with filed 86 structured
  • I – MT940 with field 86 unstructured

So what is difference between structured and unstructured MT940?






MT 940 Customer Statement Message


N or F + 3 SWIFT standard code

N or F + 3 SWIFT standard code


Field code Alphanumeric 4 :86: Batch ID Alphanumeric 35 /PREF/

End-to-End reference Alphanumeric 35 /EREF/

Counterparty Name Alphanumeric 70 /BENM//NAME/

Creditor ID Alphanumeric 70 /CSID/

End-to-End reference Alphanumeric 35 /EREF/

Settlement Date Alphanumeric 10 /ISDT/

Mandate Reference Alphanumeric 35 /MARF/

Counterparty Name Alphanumeric 70 /ORDP//NAME/

Counterparty Identification Alphanumeric /ORDP//ID/

Format Description SWIFT MT940 21

Remittance Information Alphanumeric 140 /REMI/

In case of unstructured remittance information, which don’t contain any subfields and in particular no slashes.

Creditor Reference Type Code Alphanumeric 4 /REMI//CD/

Remittance information. All available transaction descriptions


Structured information in field 86

All in one


Less space

More space => Longer notes


Looking at these format as SAP perspective, I would prefer structured format. With more details, I am easier to deal with complicated requirement from customer. I can combine with Search string to look up specific information, update posting rule, or make necessary replacement of data.

Comparing to Multicash format, I don’t see the same benefit. If I use Unstructured format, then there is not much benefit comparing to multicash format.

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