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SAP DME file missing record

If you are working with SAP DMEE, for some payment run some instruction records are missing any you don’t know why.

You have 2 items in payment proposal with same information, bank, and payment method.

But only one record is sent out to bank.


If you encounter the same issue. Firstly you need to check the sorting/key field setting DMEE file.

Here is setting in my system

FPAYH-HKTID ==> ID for Account Details

FPAYHX-WAERS ==> ISO currency code

FPAYH-KOINH ==> Account Holder Name

FPAYHX-UBKNT ==> Our Account Number at the Bank

FPAYH-ZBNKN ==> Bank Account Number of the Payee

So if you pay to the same vendor in one payment run, the key field will be duplicate so it would be one record remained.

The fix for this? I don’t have access to test, however, it may be okay if you add sequential number of each item:

FPAYH-LFDNR Sequential Payment Number

If you have tested it, please let me know if comment section :-). Pls!


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