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If you are not authorised to change table entries or the table has been create without table maintenance allowed (all SAP tables), you can still change entries via data browser (SE16) by means of debugging. The process is as follows:

1. Display record entries for desired table via SE16 or SE11.

2. Select record which requires updating by highlighting it and pressing the display icon (glasses, F7).

3. Type /h in command box and press enter.

4. Now press enter again and you should enter debugging mode

5. Change the value of code from ‘SHOW’ to ‘EDIT’, remember to press the ‘change field contents’

icon (pencil) in-order to store new value. (Change the code value as ‘EDIT’ for modifications, ‘INSR’ for insert and ‘DELE’ for delete.)

6. Press F8 (execute) to leave debug.

7. You should now have change access to the selected record.

8. Hit ‘SAVE’ to save any changes.

9. Remember there is a reason why you can’t do this without debugging it, one reason being that it could

introduce inconsistencies in the table data.


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