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EBS – part 1 : Bank Terms



Bank Key/Bank number

Reality term. Bank key is unique per country

Bank Account Number

Reality term. Actual account number assigned by bank.

House bank

SAP term. Assigned with Company Code.

Account ID

SAP term. Unique for a house bank




  • One company code has multiple House Banks
  • One house bank is assigned to a bank number. Bank number is also called bank key which is normally a real bank in business and unique per country. It has its own address and SWIFT.
  • House bank can has many account IDs, which correspond different bank account number.
  • Bank account number is reality term, which is known to partners (vendor/customer).



Items in EBS files are defined by Bank Key (green) and Account Number (orange). Each then will derive house bank/company code. From house bank/company code, it derives transaction type.

Transaction type then combines with external transaction type (in each line) to get posting rule.

Posting rule then get 2 account symbols from configuration.


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