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This is VBA code for massively generating sheets in excel.

It copies the last sheets of the excel workbook and rename with the name you want.

It will popup for sheet prefix and ask for number of copies.

Run this script when documenting is convenient for me, in case you have a sheet template and want to apply for others.

Sub add_sheet()
Dim strSheetPrefixName As String
strSheetPrefixName = InputBox("Please Enter a Sheet Master name")
Dim nrCopy As Integer
nrCopy = InputBox("Please Enter a number of copies")
For i = 1 To nrCopy
Sheets(Worksheets.Count).Copy After:=Sheets(Worksheets.Count)
Set WS = Sheets(Worksheets.Count)
If i < 10 Then
WS.Name = strSheetPrefixName & "_0" & i
WS.Name = strSheetPrefixName & "_" & i
End If
Next i
End Sub


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