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You may encounter with this requirement when working with company that have to generate report in group currency.

You define new depreciation area which identical to ordinary depreciation area. And set different currency for this area.

Step 1: Define Depreciation Areas

IMG – Financial Accounting – Valuation – Depreciation Areas – Define Depreciation Areas

To create an identical area to the original area, you select copy button. If the area is posting to GL, change it to “Area Does Not Post” when select field Posting in G/L.

If you have error when doing later steps, use IMG path, instead, IMG – Financial Accounting – Organizational Structure – Depreciation Areas – Define How Depreciation Areas Post to General Ledger to copy new area.

Step 2: Specify Area Type in the same IMG path (OADC)

Change Area type to 06 – Group Valuation

Step 3: Specify Transfer of APC Values

Step 4: Specify Transfer of Depreciation Terms

Step 5: Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class

Step 6: Define currency for newly depreciation area


If you have already created some asset, you need to add those depreciation areas to created assets

Step 7: Automatic Opening of a New Depreciation Area

This program also convert for asset with has been capitalized in currency year.


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