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When trying to export and import wordpress data. You sometimes encounter with unknown error like Failed to import Media “slide1”. And you don’t have any clue about what to do. To understand what is going on, you have turn on the Debug function of the plugin. You go to plugin editor, choose the plugin “WordPress Importer” and choose the file wordpress-importer.php.

You will find the line: define( ‘IMPORT_DEBUG’, false );

And change it to

define( ‘IMPORT_DEBUG’, true );

And run the plugin again under menu “Tools->Import”

You will see what is going on by reading the error message.

Something like:

Failed to import Media “slide1”: Fetching attachments is not enabled


 Invalid post type home_page

For the second type of error message (Which says  Invalid post type home_page). You should check again with previous WordPress site, add the custom post type and do import again.

For the first type of error message. You rerun the Importer and select Download and import file attachments

Remember to download attachment file for to your site first. WP will check for not-currently-available files on server only.

Good luck.


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