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Account ‘Acc.dep. accnt.for ordinary depreciation’ could not be found for area 01

Message no. AU133

By default, AuC asset classes don’t require any depreciation account. When you enter a Depreciation key other than 0000(no depreciation) to an AuC master data, system will require this Depreciation configuration. If you incidentally carried out Depreciation Run, the message error AU133 will appear in following depreciation run. The message requires you to restart Depreciation run for the period.

Keep original setting at the time error occurred.


1. Make the original settings at the time the depreciation run failed. Enter the accounts. This could be dummy accounts or existing ones.

2. Restart the depreciation run – it will be completed and post the depreciation to that accounts.

3. If the restart was successful you can change the settings again

4. Make a repeat run for the same period. This will reverse the depreciation posted.

4. After that you can remove the depreciation accounts


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