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My user raised this issue to me one month ago. This must be the weirdest issue I’ve ever hit since I became an IT supporter. The printing preview allowed her to view as “what-you-see-is-what-you-want”.

Ayahd. It is okay, let’s print out. Here is what she got:

What-you-get-isn’t-what-you-preview, right? This issue wasn’t just with her when she printed but also when she exported to pdf file.

I was initially thought about issue of authorization. Since she got what see wanted on testing environment and other users in different roles were able to print perfectly. By exporting pdf file, I knew that the font of the form was Couri-New, and CourieBold. Those fonts were seemingly the only ones supporting printing Vietnamese on SAP – as far as I knew. In additional, we cannot get correct SU53 because of long time processing of this transaction.

So where is the root cause of this issue? I borrow other user and run the report for testing purpose. Initially, I couldn’t find something strange or different except for default spool device “VN-L1L-0012”. Meanwhile, with fault account, system sets default for spool device LOCL, and we didn’t notice to change it. I tried to change default printer LOCL, that calls windows print popup on local, to a printer already setup on server. I used tcode SPAD to find an output device for VN. Initially, I choose a name I think it was near me. Unfortunately, Although printer was able to print out Vietnamese, It was a dot matrix printer, not support secure-print. We had to put paper into printer till it printed all trial order. Then I tried a special device VN-LOCL. Not LOCL but VN-LOCL could print Vietnamese font with windows printers. Surprisingly! I guess that VN-LOCL is customized to print Unicode document. But I shouldn’t have further investigation. Just want to share it here to give anyone more clue on Vietnamese printing issue on SAP.

Leave comment and share your experience on this issue, if you have :->

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