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SAP payment program is rather troublesome for a new SAP learner. When you execute payment, you receive short messages for unsuccessful items. The messages in proposal log or payment log is not easy to figure out what is wrong with the items. Sometimes, errors relate due to lack of maintenance payment method in master data, currency, bank available amount, even that of address… I have a bad experience when I checked throughout bank data, master data, payment program configuration, but payment cannot execute successfully. I was really stuck at the time. Just an error in bank account entrance(which is not checked immediately for valid data when you enter it) can stop all payment even it doesn’t seem to relate to you customer. Then I found a wonderful tool which saved my life. To check whether you have valid configuration, you can use SAP standard tool. From Payment Program configuration screen, select Utilities(M) -> then Error Analysis. The program will display what is invalid in your customization.


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