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1. We are facing a problem in running a automatic payment program. Suppose I have a balance of Rs 100000 in my bank account and today I am running an Automatic payment run. Total payment of the run is Rs 150000. So when I run Automatic payment run it is not giving any error message. What to do with this problem.

Ans. The Automatic Payment Program does not check the Balance of your Bank Account. (GL A/c. Balance.) What it does check is the min & max amounts that you have maintained in your customization. In Bank determination (FBZP), you have to fill in the available amounts for each Bank. This is the maximum amount up to which payments will be generated by the Auto. Pay. Run.

So if you want to ensure that on any single day the payment run does not pay more than bank balance, you have to update on a daily basis available balance to match with your bank balance.


2. I am creating a new company code ‘A’, in which the paying company code will be ‘B’ and the sending company code will be ‘A’. Now I have to configure for both manual and automated payments. For cross-company payments what do I have to do different in the configuration settings?


Ans: In Customizing Maintain Payment Program : Transaction code FBZP

a) define your company code’ A” & “B” both in section tab (All Company code)

b) Define Paying company Code for example “A” paying company

c) Payment Method in country in tab: Country IN (India) – Name of Country – Payment Method “C” is for Check “D” for Demand Draft etc

d) Payment Method in Company code – for example “A” is paying company define payment method in same section

e) In Bank Determination Section – define Ranking Order, Bank Accounts, Available Amount, Value Date, Expenses/ Charges .


3. We have a vendor with payment terms 50% advance and 50% on delivery. Let’s say we made a contract for 100,000 USD. Now as per the terms, we paid him 50,000 USD advance. Now after some time, he provides services for 20,000 USD and raises the invoice for the same. Now as per the terms we have to pay him 50% of 20000 since 50% is already paid in advance. Now when i do the GRN and ERS/MIRO and run the auto payment program, the system proposes entire amount of 20,000 as due for payment. Is there any way where we can configure the system in such a way that it should propose only 10,000 as due for payment. I can do the manual adjustment before doing F110 but just want to know if there is any other way out without the manual interference.


Ans: Attach the payment terms to the vendor which is created under hold and retain option. This will create multiple lines as per payment terms and will pick up only the line item which is due for payment.


4. How to make the Down payment through automatic payment program, through F-110. what are the prerequisites?

Ans. For Down payments to be paid using APP. We have to add allowed special transaction indicator into field ‘special indicator’ for vendors and customers in “Payment method in All Company Code” in FBZP. Also, we have to create a Down Payment request F-47.


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