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I am using 3G internet. I use MS Outlook 2007 as email client and RSS reader. It’s waste if I don’t have enough time to read all article but still download them each time I want to check email. So I turn off RSS syndication when Outlook is opening. The problem is that I have no way to syndicate RSS separately when I want to read news. Google say nothing to my concern. After some try, I found the way to update RSS separately, and I want to share. Above all, I am still a MS fan boy, regardless of many criticisms on MS.

First, go to send and receive settings, choose define new Send/Receive Groups. As picture below:


The next step, enter a name for Group, navigate to RSS section, tick on Include RSS Feeds in this Send/Receipt group. Hit OK to save new group.


I also do unselect all tick for “Receive News” group. That mean I will hit the group to update manually all time.

This configuration helps me to save my money, because 3G are expensive. You are now able to force RSS separately anytime you want.


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