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Lenovo Thinkpad System Update Will not run

I has just installed Windows 7 on my Thinkpad T61. As usual, I logged into Thinkpad’s site to download favourite driver tool called Lenovo System Update. It would help me to download all System driver automatically. The program’s version is 4.0 and I only runs on Windows 7. The size of file was 9.9MB.

After I installed it, the program not run on my system. I tried again and again. No use. It just showed a splash window then disappear when I click on it. I donnot run. I tried some search and found that someone I had the same problem as me. They said that try to set compatibility for the file call tvsu.exe in the program’s folder. I tried it to set compatibility to windows xp sp2 and I succeeded. It is really funny that a windows 7 only has to be set compatibility to windows xp to run well. A little experience I want to share.

Comments on: "Lenovo Thinkpad System Update 4.0 Will not run" (5)

  1. Thanks that worked.

    lenovo system update 4 fails to load

  2. The Kind said:

    You can set it to XP compatibility mode but for 64bit system it downloads 32bit drivers and acts funny in this mode. The answer is you have to logon local and not remote desktop (not sure if you connect via console).

  3. Works, thank you!

  4. that worked perfectly, thank you so much!!!

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